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CraftersCove - Welcome!

Welcome to our Servers website...

Were a new server and were not running yet but we will be soon

Our owners are:

Reedy2002 - EpicReedy
Captainreedy - The Captain

We will add more as time comes on! - Hopefully tomorrow
(21/04/2014) CheeseCheese and I will have the server open and we will be building spawn ect

More coming Soon!

- Reedy
- CheeseCheese
- CaptainReedy
- MangoBoy
Website Infomation
20th Apr 2014 · Creator Reedy · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

If ever there is trouble on the server or on our website then please let us know...

In the forums there is a subject named: Website Issues and another named In - Game Issues please report them there and staff will look into your problem...

If you don`t want anyone to see you issue then please report it to a staff member via private message...

If someone is annoying you then please just block them and if it gets so bad message a staff member and we will try to sort it out!

- Thanks,


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